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The Paladin Prophecy Book 1

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Want to know the best thing about this book? It’s high-techalicious! Mark Frost does a splendid job of bringing fun, plausible devices and exquisite descriptions to pre-teen readers. Oh, and it’s a good story, too. Frost draws you in immediately with rich character development and fast moving action. He keeps you glued with mystery and intrigue. Who are these people following Will West and why is he so important?

Established by his father and plastered all over his bedroom walls, Will is given several rules to live by. The rules will keep you alive; trust in the rules! Just as Will starts to get the hang of life and his special abilities, his parents are heartbreakingly killed and he is sent to a very special school for highly intelligent and gifted people. There he meets others like him, but friendships are no easier to make. Called to battle forces of Titanic proportion, Will shows what he is made of and earns his place.

Geared toward pre-pubescent humans, this is a good book for both parents and offspring to read and share ideas about on drives to soccer practice, socializing around the dinner table, or while assembling a solar powered dog poo picker-upper.

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