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The Rebel Guitar Plushie

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If instruments served as pillows, musicians cooped up in smelly modes of transportation for a week could actually rest their drunken heads on something other than a pile of puke or a bandmate’s feet. They’d certainly be comfier, cozier, and less disgusting when they’d wake up.

As an alternaparent/musician, perhaps puke-as-a-cushion was something you used in the past, which is nothing to be ashamed of. You honestly thought you would “make it” back then; you were living the dream and not giving a funk. Totally understandable. Now that you’re older, and maybe staying at home more often than you gig (because you’re a parent), you’ve watched your rock and rollin’ spawn’s love of music grow as quickly as they have. So to further expand their love for everything rock, grab The Rebel guitar pillow from The Grateful Thread.

With ample amounts of cotton, felt, embroidered skulls and polka-dots, The Rebel plushie is a soft, guitar-shaped piece of unconventional baby toy that every kid born into musical environments will lovingly spoon. It even comes with its own flight case cardboard box with a cool-looking handle, which little one’s can easily color or sticker (better that than your framed picture of Alice Cooper, right?).

Let’s just cross our fingers that comfort via awesome looking baby pillow will help them avoid other possible resting spots when they tour later on in life.

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