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The Red Balloon DVD

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Admit it, it gets kind of tiring watching your kid’s TV shows and movies these days, right? How about a change? Pick up The Red Balloon and both you and your little whippersnappers will be in a trance (a good one), confronted by a cute, yet thought-provoking tale you won’t soon forget.

Directed by French Oscar-winning genius Albert Lamorisse, this 34-minute short film debuted in the 1950’s and won an Oscar for best original screenplay, plus the Palme d’Or for short films at the 1956 Cannes Film Festival. We give them an award for awesomeness, because the film—even over 50 years later—continues to make both kids and adults smile.

The basic plot of the film is about a young boy, Pascal, and, you guessed it, a red balloon! After Pascal discovers the balloon on his way to school, the balloon starts to follow him around the streets of Paris (in a non-creepy way; this was made back in the day when everyone left their front doors unlocked at night and stalker balloons weren’t feared like they are now). The film is more than just a boy and his new-found balloon friend. Duh. It’s a French film—it’s gonna make you think! This film touches on all sorts of themes, including friendship, ostracism, love, and loyalty. It will undoubtedly instill a love of red balloons in the whole family.

It’s artsy. It’s philosophical. It’s fun. And it’s a definite must for kids and adults.

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