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The Robot Book By Heather Brown

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What does the inside of a robot look like? What makes it tick? Perhaps we humans share something in common with robots after all? The Robot Book, a story written by Heather Brown designed for your kids to explore everything robotic, aims to find out.

Probably the most interesting feature about The Robot Book are its interactive parts, which are directly integrated into the storytelling experience. Each page contains the next part of the story on one half, and on the other is an interactive robot part based on that page. For example, one of the pages might be talking about how a robot has two eyes, and that page contains a picture of a robot’s face, with two interactive, moving gear parts for eyes that spin when your kids move them. It’s really a fantastic way to get little ones involved in the story, and it draws them into the world of robotics at the same time. Your kids will love to move each of the individual parts as they go through the book, from opening doors revealing a robot’s insides, to moving a robot’s mouth, mimicking talking movements.

The story itself is cute and endearing as well, making The Robot Book an excellent read for any kid who is interested in what makes robots tick.

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