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The Rocking Sheep

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Every kid’s gotta have a rocking horse but because your home is all about style and edgy designs, switch it up with the Rocking Sheep.

This woolly wonder was designed by Danish designer Povl Kjer, who has also crafted sculptures for the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, as well as designed exhibition mannequins for the Carlsberg brewery—eclectic! The Rocking Sheep is handmade in Denmark (where all good things come from: Lego, butter cookies and Lars Ulrich to name a few) in a small series to “preserve the high level of quality”—meaning you might wait a few extra days to get this in the home, but at least you won’t be receiving junk.

While it just looks like a cool statement piece, it’s actual a fully functioning rocker. It’s made of varnished pine, padded with foam rubber for comfort, and upholstered in dreamy soft lambskin (ok, not one for the vegetarians out there). And really, what would your kid rather rock on? An uncomfortable wooden rocking horse or a cool, Nordic-designed woolly sheep? We both know the answer!

It comes in 6 different colors, but we really love the Icelandic grey and brighter-than-bright pink shades, if nothing more than to stand out when guests come over. Oh, and as far as specs go, it measures 9.8w x 33.5l x 23.6h inches, with a 15.7h seat.

Giddy up!

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