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The Sacrifice and Other Steam-Powered Stories

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Kids love video games and they love comic books. When you smash the two together you get something awesome like this fantastic collection of Valve-inspired comic books. The hard cover binds together several comics that feature Valve’s primary franchises: Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress, and Left 4 Dead, and presents them all to you in a large tome with vivid colors and gorgeous artwork.

The book is a fantastic, fun read, but there is a disclaimer. Note the last game listed above. Left 4 Dead is about zombies. Zombies eating people. Unless your child has been highly desensitized to violence (not unlikely if they’re ardent video gamers), then make sure you read this book with them, and preferably not to anyone under the age of 10. Maybe just stick to the hilarious stories from Portal and Team Fortress and, when they get a bit older, you can show them the rest of the book. That said, the work here is fantastic and well worth the price even if you only get to read two of the stories. Portal translates to fun even on written on a page, plus you get to practice your best cold, passionless robot voice on your children.

Pro-tip: Valve is not just producing awesome graphic novels these days, they also allow you to make professional grade films.

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