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The Scribble Book

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Oh, if walls could talk. Better yet, if walls could scream they’d scream, “Quit scribblin’ on me, kid!” So walls aren’t for scribbling. Neither is the cream white sofa. Or the refrigerator. In fact, kids should be given a list of all the things they can’t scribble on when they’re first born — it would make life a lot easier for all of us parents (or for the cleaner).

But guess where scribbling is allowed? In a book. And guess what the book is called? The Scribble Book. It’s all very simple.

Brought to you by Herve Tullet (you might know him from The New Yorker or Le Figaro, and, dare we say it, Cosmopolitan), this book is all about getting your kid’s creative side out and about, and not just to save those walls from a second paint job, but to inspire and encourage little ones to experiment with art. There are pages filled with images to scribble in (a hungry monster’s mouth, flames from a volcano), as well as pages where kids are encouraged to scribble over the carefully-drawn pictures. Because, you know, kids like to scribble over every storybook like they’re getting paid by the page. Oh, and on the floor. Definitely on the floor.

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