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The Search for WondLa

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The Search for WondLa is the first book in an original sci-fi series for the older geeklings.

Eva (pronounced Eh-va, not Ee-va) Nine is twelve years old, and she has never been aboveground. She grew up in the care of a loving, maternal robot named Muthr in a subterranean haven called Sanctuary on the planet of Orbona. All Eva wants to do is see the surface world, but she never wanted to end up there like she did: when a marauder destroys her home, Eva escapes to the surface and goes searching for humans like herself. She’s never seen one, but she’s heard that there are humans in a place called WondLa.

The book combines classic storytelling with lush illustrations and even a bit of augmented reality: hold a few of the pages up to a webcam to learn more about Eva’s strange and exciting world. It’s a graphic, interactive novel, perfect for exploring a new planet and meeting new friends.

The Search for WondLa is sure to be an exciting addition to your growing geekling’s library. With the combination of literate storytelling and fantastic images, it holds appeal for geeks both young and old. It’d be a great selection for your next nightly bedtime story; that way, you and your geekling can enjoy the adventure together.

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