The Secret Science Alliance And The Copycat Crook

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The Secret Science Alliance

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Julian is a fairly stereotypical nerd who has difficulty in school, because (as you may expect) he can’t find anyone else to identify with. Julian gets another chance when he transfers to a different environment, but his attempt at acting like an idiot to fit in fails. Strangely enough, this invites two other like-minded individuals with similar problems into his life, in the form of a girl named Greta, and a boy named Ben. The group decides to work together to make wacky and interesting inventions using their combined science genius, and they call themselves the Secret Science Alliance.

The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook has a great premise for children wrapped within its colorful and well-drawn graphic novel pages. The idea that it’s okay to be a nerd or geek is a message that we all want to reinforce to our children, and Copycat Crook gets this through in spades. The artwork is quite well done, and the panel work has some unique twists on it that even adult readers will be able to subtly appreciate. The story is solid, too, as the Secret Science Alliance have their wits tested against an evil scientist hell-bent on stealing from a museum.

In all, The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook is either a great start to your kid’s foray into graphic novels, or an excellent addition to their collection.

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