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The Time Machine DVD

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Great science fiction is timeless, and one of H.G. Wells most notable works, The Time Machine, is no exception. The Time Machine is one of the masterpieces of fiction, told and retold throughout the years, yet always remaining relevant because of its incredible ideas and well-written story. If you haven’t already experienced this amazing journey, now is the time. If you have, perhaps it’s time to share it with a new generation of explorers.

The Time Machine sees a young scientist creating a makeshift time machine, and traveling into the future, where he meets (and attempts to save) a new and mysterious race of sentient creatures. There’s enough interesting and dynamic plot to capture the imaginations of the younger audience, so feel free to show this to your kids if they’re interested in the science fiction genre. There is quite a bit of theoretical science in here, so it could be a great opportunity to explain some of the more interesting science fiction ideas to your nerdlings, or you could just sit back and enjoy the movie with your family. Note that this movie is the 1960’s version, not to be confused with the 2002 remake of the same name, which is equally enjoyable, for different reasons.

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