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The Treehorn Trilogy

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The Treehorn Trilogy… Though it would be an awesome read, this is not a series of stories about the adult film director of the same name from The Big Lebowski. This Treehorn is an incorrigible and loveable young boy (is there any other kind?) who experiences various adventures catalyzed by his own youth and naivete. Which pretty much sums up the day to day life of people, adults and children alike. These narratives have a common thread, so that both adults and children can relate and empathize, bonding over their mutual desire for the impish protagonist to succeed in making it through the day with his individual will and independence intact. But let’s not get too deep just yet.

Your kid will simply enjoy the stories written by Florence Parry Heide and punctuated by the stark, somewhat Gothic artwork of Edward Gorey (who has intimated that lightness and fluff when it comes to children’s illustrations is rather yawn-inducing). A story that finds a little boy growing “down” rather than growing “up” is sure to have dark undertones, but in the great absurdist tradition, these stories seem to be more fantastical than foreboding. Imagine the amazing dreamscape of your child’s slumber if you read these books at bedtime!

One of Gorey’s other works, The Tuning Fork:

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