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The Weird Al Show Complete Series

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Is it weird that I’ve never seen the 1989 classic film, UHF? Should I feel bad that my supposed love for pop-culture has somehow kept me away from this cultish movie of mass proportions that has The Nanny AND BOWIE (!!) as supporting cast members? Am I perhaps better off for not seeing it? I loved “Amish Paradise,” and “White and Nerdy” (an appropriate song considering the nature of this website) was just hilarious; also, Weird Al’s commentary on RiffTrax was superb and –yup, I’m gonna say it—E.P.I.C. But I can’t say that about UHF, and that makes me a little sad.

Fortunately, I have seen The Weird Al show. I’m a great fan of parodied comedy and Mr. Yankovic has always been the king; not just to me, but to everyone who appreciates silly humor! For the first time on DVD (and not on a dreadfully hard-to-find VHS), the complete, short-lived series of The Weird Al Show is available for your family’s viewing pleasure.

It’s odd to think that that it was only on from ’97-’98, but not really when you figure how many people have never really understood Weird Al. With famous episodes that include the one where he pretends he’s friends with John Tesh, the one where Bowie plays a coal miner, and the few episodes that showcased those odd Fatman cartoons, you’ll all be transported back to the late 1990’s. Since the show was on network TV and specifically geared toward young eyes (including classic children’s TV lessons such as “Be Yourself,” “Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep,” and “Settle Conflicts with Peaceful Communication”), it’s the perfect way for your child to fall in love Weird Al as much as the rest of us. They may not get all the pop culture references, but will definitely love Al’s cartoonish personality and the random silliness in his humor (not to mention use of phrases like “poopy pants;” classic).

Now that I know this is available, time to see if UHF is just as accessible. *Zooms onto Netflix and searches for UHF.* It is!

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