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Worst Case Scenario Junior: Weird Edition

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I’ve read the Worst-Case Survival Handbook. The original book taught me a lot of incredibly practical, infinitely useful information about how to survive serious and potentially life-threatening situations. I guarantee you as soon as I get into any one of them, I’ll forget everything I read, panic, and probably end up in a worse situation than I would have if I had only remained calm. Though I’m not known for trying to run on top of a moving train, or agitate a hive of killer bees.

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook Junior: Weird Edition (try saying that three times in rapid succession) contains everything your survival-conscious child needs to know in order to survive the most outlandish, ridiculously implausible situations. Everything imaginary is covered in this book, from how to survive a real-life zombie attack (without a sunflower) or escaping an alien abduction, to not creating a paradox while traveling through time. Unlike the more serious survival handbook for adults, the Weird Edition is more light-hearted and funny. It’s a book you can read to your kids, teaching them about general survival, while also being facetious about the hilarity of the scenarios inside the book.

Use it as a segue into real home safety, or just have a good time laughing about how to fight vampires. Pro-tip? They don’t glitter.

Here’s Bear Grylls eating larvae because that’s what people do when they’re desperate, or being paid lots of money to act like they’re stuck in the wilderness:

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