Theming Your Nursery With Your Kid’s Favorite Anime Decor

Earlier this week, I wrote about choosing the right anime for your kids. If you did your homework and watched every single film and show on that list, then you’ve no doubt fallen in love with the work of Studio Ghibli and want to furnish your entire home in adorable forest spirits.


Well, settle down. Let’s take it one step at a time. Why not start with your kids’ room or nursery? The fact is, people love slappin’ Totoro on just about anything. In some parts of the world, he’s even more recognizable than Mickey Mouse. He’s definitely cuter. But seriously, some of the crafts that people come up with for Totoro and friends are seriously insane, and, lucky for us, easily purchasable online.

totoro mural

If you’re handy with a paintbrush, you could paint a mural like these parents (or hire someone to do it for you). Or, you could snag some gorgeous artwork off Etsy.


Etsy store iVoila has some beautiful prints for nearly all the Studio Ghibli films. The Geekerie’s minimalist prints  are also adorable.


There’s also Society6, where you can order choice art not only as prints and canvas, but also phone cases, stationary, and even pillows.

totoro pillow


This handy mom couldn’t find any Totoro bedding, so she made her own. Big kids might even want to snuggle up on a full-sized Totoro, just like the girls in the movie.

totoro bed

As for desk accessories, Etsy user cuteart has created some beautiful pencil holders, notebooks, and totebags, perfect for your little writer to dream up and write down or draw their own stories.

totoro pencil holder


And of course, there’s no shortage of Ghibli plushies out there. If you’re tired of Totoro, you can choose from just about any Studio Ghibli character out there, from Soot Sprites to Turnip Head.

turnip head

You can even download a pattern to make your own from this savvy forum-user on Craftster.

totoro knit


Perfect for your own little forest spirit.



  1. N. Belle

    Thank you so much for including me in this! I love the plushies and pencil holder too.
    -N. Belle @ iVoila

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