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“There is a Light That Never Goes Out” Smiths Onesie

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“Whoa, wait a minute, is that baby wearing a Smiths onesie?! Yeah?!! They are?!!! Wow. That’s insane. I’ve never seen that before. F***king awesome!” If you were randomly walking down a street in Brooklyn and your child were clad in Smiths whatever, this would be a typical reaction from passersby on every block, because Brooklynites love Moz.

Many newcomers to the band love “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” due to an indie movie that came out a few years ago about a girl named Summer and the 500 days she spent with her love interest, who just so happened to be a Morrissey geektard. However, we Gen X/Y-ers fell in love with this track on the dance floor while swaying back in forth with closed eyes and sweaty bodies.

“There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” was released after the band’s split and was their last top 40 single. Many fans and critics alike claim that it is band’s finest musical acheivement, calling it the best example of the brilliant marriage between Marr’s music and Morrissey’s lyrics.

With the current generation of babies being fed on a diet of indie and punk rock, toddlers are becoming more and more aware of better music than their predecessors. Need proof? Look no further than the fact that onesies bearing Smiths lyrics are being made. The baby garb featured above (available in an array of rainbow colors) is a high-quality, American Apparel onesie made of 100% cotton that automatically factors your baby into an elite group of “cool.” Then, later on in life, they can truthfully say they’ve been listening to The Smiths since before they could walk. Moz would be so proud.

The “There is a Light…” video shows Morrissey being all awesome and bored on a bike:

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