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While I was growing up, logic puzzles took up a sizable amount of my entertainment time. At least when I wasn’t playing video games or building computers. My grandfather gave me a book of puzzles many years ago and I set to work. I was through it within a few days, but the bug was caught, and I devoted a rather large portion of my childhood to riddle solving. Through these activities I learned about reasoning, deduction, pattern recognition, and a host of other thought processes that help me in everyday life much more than I assumed they would when I was young. I’d like to pass off some of that wisdom to your children: give them the outlet of solving logic puzzles.

Visual Brainstorms is a deck of 100 cards, and each card has a different puzzle. These range from the aforementioned logical kind, to visual problems, math-based problems, and encoded messages. Each card also contains a bonus question, so there’s more than 100 ways for your nerdlings to learn something new. Space it out and give them a new riddle to solve each day, or let them loose if they catch the logic bug. Either way, your kids will be having fun while learning by using Visual Brainstorms.

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