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Threadless Hi 5 Pillow

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The high five sign is a universal symbol that kids somehow seem to know from a very young age. Even a 1-year-old will respond appropriately (and gleefully) when asked to give high fives. Somewhere deep inside, there must be a bit of DNA encoded with a high-five impulse. Pay tribute to this biological imperative to slap hands, with this adorable Hi-5 pillow. The vibrant and cutesy pillow, designed by Jaco Haasbroek, plays on the “high five” idea, giving a shout-out to an anthropomorphized 5, who waves happily up at us from pillowland. (Yeah, it’s a little like something you might design in a pharmaceutically enhanced state — but in a whimsical, childlike way that your kid can connect to!)

What’s really great about this pillow is the company behind it. is a community forum/webstore that allows upstart artists to submit an original design for textiles, tees, etc. The community members then vote on the designs they find most inspiring, and the winners go into production and onto shelves. This is an amazing community of artists and self-financed entrepreneurs that everyone will want to support! You can lay back on this comfy pillow, and tell your kids the story of the Artists that Changed the World, resting secure in the knowledge that you helped make it happen!

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