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Thundercats Logo Tee

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Remember when Saturday mornings meant a bowl of cereal and awesome cartoons? Well, now that you’ve got your own younguns, chances are that mornings have taken on a whole new meaning. Sadly, the cartoons aren’t the same and the cereal isn’t quite as sugary, but that doesn’t mean your weekends can’t be just as lively! If you’ve got a Lion-o in the making or a Cheetara ready to pounce, why not indoctrinate them while they’re young? That’s what DVDs and Netflix are for. We’re always looking to give our children a symbol that they can look to for guidance, so why not make that symbol the Eye of Thundera?

This Thundercats t-shirt is the perfect choice for any fan of the classic show. Imagine the adventures your child will go on with the power of Thundera at their side! They’ll have the strength and courage to discover the world around them. Even if they’re not quite ready to appreciate the show yet, they can still look good while playing around and exploring in a Thundercats onesie. No matter how old your child is, if you let the Eye of Thundera be their guide, your little WilyKat or WilyKit will surely have a lot of fun.

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