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Tim Burton Necklace Charm

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While some may lament the bromantic creative rut that Tim Burton seems to have fallen into while working with the very talented Johnnie Depp, anyone can still reminisce about Burton’s very large repertoire of excellent films. Whether you favor thumbing through the “Handbook for the Recently Deceased” with Barbara and Adam Maitland, helping the Joker poison the people of Gotham, naively almost ruining Christmas with Jack Skellington, or slitting throats for fun and profit with Sweeney Todd, there are many great memories that Mr. Burton has given his fans over the years.

Now you can show off your creepy-geek cred with a hand-made necklace pendant of one of Tim Burton’s more memorable characters. Made by the talented and self-described geek Lesley over at Etsy, these charms come in four varieties (only one figure per order). You can choose between Sweeney Todd, The Joker, Jack Skellington or Betelgeuse (aka Beetlejuice). These one-inch-tall clay figures come with a 17-inch silver ball chain so you will probably have to grab a smaller necklace for your little one’s smaller body. They are a great accessory for any outfit, though a mini-Beetlejuice will pair quite nicely with black lace and disheveled, spiky hair. For those that aren’t the fashion accessory types, the little effigies can be made to be stand-alone figurines, perfect for the kid’s keepsake box.

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