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Tykho Radio

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Sometimes, the simplest things are the best. Though there is nothing “simple” about the bright lime green color and modern design of the Tykho Radio, it certainly functions in an amazingly minimalist manner. In 1997 Marc Berthier created this winner of 7 international design prizes and member of MOMA’s permanent collection for French brand Lexon. With an antenna that rotates to search different frequencies, even a young child can quickly grasp how this little radio operates, and its toy-like appearance will entice them to do so. The silicone shell ensures that the wet hands and sticky fingers won’t interrupt the tunes.

Since listening to a regular radio is a communal experience (unlike the world of the Pods), this means you’re probably going to be exposed to a bit too much Carly Mae Jepsen (or whatever her name is) and the Biebs. Use this chance to open the discussion about the merits of various musical styles. This radio calls to mind a miniature boombox, so teach your kid to jack it up on her shoulders and walk around the playground looking fierce and old school. Then teach her about the concept of nostalgia for the authentic days of yore, and she’s halfway towards becoming a graduate student who examines “ancient” modes of media.

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