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TMBG- Here Come The 123s

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Let’s just start by acknowledging that They Might Be Giants was composing kids’ music back when we all thought it was college rock. While their leap to the indie rock scene did not require too much effort, the results are excellent. You will find yourself hopping all over the living room floor with the kids; heck, you will be humming these songs at the office the next day. Did I say CATCHY? Yeah.

But this CD is more than just catchy; it also delivers a dose of math rock (in more of a literal sense). Don’t worry; you don’t need an algorithm to decode these melodies. For that, you can check out the latest Pinback record. This is just some classic Giants pop but with a math theme. Maybe it all started with their fractional world view (“I don’t want the world, I just want your half”) back in the day. Whatever it is, these guys have a knack for passing on a love for mathematics to the teeniest of listeners. From tots just learning to count (starting with zero, of course!) to your more sophisticated offspring navigating the waters of odds and evens, this CD has a little math fun for everyone plus a dose intrigue (The Secret Life of Six!). And to top it all off, you also get a DVD of music videos. Now that is some good family fun.

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