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Ermergerd! This is seriously the cutest video for a kids toy that I’ve ever seen (see below)! It makes me want to forget that I still have rent to pay, food to buy, and money to spend on things that normally would have been bought by someone else if I wasn’t as old as I am. A definite moment when the Delorean would come in handy. Aside from nostalgic desires to cannonball into the fountains of youth, Toca Band is a great game that allows kids to explore and interact with music in a cool way.

As the band is preparing for their very first concert, they’re calling for assistance from little ones the world over to help them mix beats, design different sounds, and come up with a hit song that will jump straight to number one on the hot music charts of Hot Music Charts Magazine (someone should seriously start this magazine). Not only is your child writing songs to become the next Phil Spector (though not as insane) or John Lennon, they’re also offered a first-hand look at how a band can either succeed or fail with the right musicians; they move members around to different instruments to see whether there’s magic, or nothing. This is something that happens everyday to real-life groups — though I don’t believe there’s a way to fire bandmates in the game like you can in the world, and that’s cool.

Rock, opera, or experimentation with different sounds that make you recall early Kraftwerk, your sweet baby mix-master can create a world of music for the players of the Toca Band while learning a little about the music industry.


  1. Melanie

    Love the Kraftwerk reference. In my house, that’s the only Kraft my kids are allowed exposure too.

  2. Renzo

    interesting. can’t wait til i can play RockBand w/my son, but this might be a good start.

  3. catherine

    Toca Boca is cool but it gets repetitive after a while – there are not many players there. I’m trying out BEBOPS – 150 characters, 10 styles… I guess it will do the trick 🙂

    If anyone wants to check it, it’s here:

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