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Tools of the Trade Poster

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If white walls were the decorative norm, then we’d seriously be the most boring people on Earth. White walls are not at all attractive and they couldn’t be further from aesthetically pleasing. Color is exciting; walls blasted from corner to corner with various color schemes or posters with cool pictures or art pieces, either abstract or simpsons style, is way more exciting and character defining than looking into the great abyss of nothingness that is Mental-Asylum White.

If you’re a music fanatic (which you probably are) bare walls are icky (like a Journey marathon), and depending on what music you happen to be obsessed with, next to a band shirt this is perhaps the most passive way to convey to whomever what kind of music you’re obsessed with.

Plaster your wall with the Tools of the Trade poster by Burlesque Design; featuring key tools and instruments essential to any music-making endeavor, the electronic pianos, reel-to-reels, mixers, recorders, microphones, and tuners that cover this unique poster will fit perfectly on the walls of future record producers who haven’t quite aged beyond their tween years. And perhaps pairing this piece of music recording art with an actual mixing board that can help create their very own tracks will collectively blow their little big brains.

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