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Toon: The Cartoon Roleplaying Game

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There are far better ways to spend a Saturday morning than simply soaking up hours and hours of cartoons. Not that there’s anything wrong with an animated a.m., but it’d be nice if the madcap world of Looney Tunes and the like could spur imaginations rather than placate them.

Enter “Toon: The Cartoon Roleplaying Game,” an RPG system from Steve Jackson Games.

Company founder Steve Jackson is the beloved designer of amazing games that humorously deconstruct familiar RPG genres and tropes. Even more impressive for some will be another name attached to this game’s specific development: Warren Spector, the visionary behind video games like “Deus Ex” and “Epic Mickey” (the latter being another game tied to cartoons).

As an RPG, “Toon” requires one person to be the game master or “animator” and one or more additional people to play. The characters and setting are goofy variations on the colorful and physics-challenged world of classic cartoons.

Just like in those cartoons, despite slapstick violence from dynamite, anvils and very far falls, no one ever dies (they just might appear a little charred). This inclusive game play complements the subject matter in making this a kid- and family-friendly activity that basks in anarchy and silliness.

If kids get hooked, there’s more to explore with four supplements that build on this book’s basic (but complete) rule set – a couple even add Dungeons & Dragons and Munchkin compatibility.

The game is discontinued in print, but you can still purchase a used “paper” copy on our link above.
However, the “digital” version is still for sale at Steve Jackson Games.


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