Top 10 Video Games To Play With Your Kids

Looking for a great game to play with your kid(s)? This particular Top 10 list focuses on some of the most fun you can have while playing games with your family across a variety of platforms. Some of them may make you want to pull your hair out at times, but they never stop being fun. That’s what healthy competition is all about, right?

10. Portal 2 (Co-op Mode)
Portal 2 introduced two player cooperative puzzles into the mix, making puzzles that are tricky enough to be solved using twin portal guns. You and your kid can work together to solve these puzzles, while being lambasted by GlaDos’s humorous satire along the way.

9. Madden series
If your child likes football, then the Madden series is the best multiplayer football game to pick up. Each year’s title improves upon the last, but the core football experience (and multiplayer fun) always remains intact.

8. LEGO series
From Lego Star Wars, to Lego Batman or Lego Harry Potter, there is probably a Lego game in this series that your family will enjoy. Each game in the Lego franchise is cooperative, allowing you and your child to bust through levels, building parts, and playing out scenes from whichever movie the games are based on.

7. Rayman series (Rabbids, or otherwise)
Both the original Rayman series and the Raving Rabbids series are excellent games to play along with your family. The Rayman series is primarily a fantastical and colorful multiplayer platformer, where up to four people can play through levels together. The Rabbids games feature all multiplayer mini-games with excitable rabbit-like creatures. Both game series are loads of fun and full of slapstick humor your kids will love.

6. Super Smash Bros. series
This fighting game series features the flagship characters for all of Nintendo’s major franchises, battling against each other in frantic, free-for-all madness. You and your kid(s) can pick their favorite Nintendo characters and fight using a simplistic, yet fun combat system. This game is often chaotic and party-like, and it’s not always clear who the winner is until the end.

5. Pokemon series (Vs. Mode)
This one requires a bit of work for parents, but the payoff is quite lucrative. At it’s core, Pokemon is a competitive game. While most of the time is spent catching and training the Pokemon into teams, the heart of the game is battle against another trainer. By acquiring a second copy of a Pokemon game (like Pokemon Black or White), you can raise your own Pokemon, and battle against the team your child raised. It’s a little time consuming, but a great way to get involved with your kids in a game they may already be playing.

4. Little Big Planet 1 and 2
A platformer born from unlimited creation, Little Big Planet makes for an excellent game to play with everyone in the family. Create your own unique-looking Sackboy from parts you find in each level, then run, jump, swing, climb, and fall through the platforming levels together. You can even create your own levels with your kid(s), or play from thousands of other user generated levels available for download.

3. Bad Piggies
The newest game from the creators of Angry Birds, Bad Piggies is a game where you create makeshift vehicles and attempt to pilot them (with the pigs inside) to the other side of a level filled with obstacles. All of the vehicles you build are from spare parts, using everything from boxes, wheels, balloons, bottle rockets, and propellers. Much of the fun comes from failure, since crashing is always hilarious, and you can take turns with your kid(s) building the most ridiculous and funny machines.

2. Mario Kart series
The ultimate in party-based racing games, the Mario Kart series is well-known for its fun factor. No race is complete until everyone has run over banana peels, fallen down pits, been struck by lightning, or any other crazy attempt at crossing the finish line first. There’s nothing quite like leading the pack for a race, only to be hit by a blue shell and sent back to sixth right before the end. One of the best party games around, any game from the Mario Kart series is sure to be a hit with your kid(s).

1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Quite possibly the best party game ever made, New Super Mario Bros. Wii puts four players into the standard Mario level formula, and lets them run loose. You will push each other off cliffs, you will mess up each other’s jumps. Heck, things will get nutty once one player figures out you can pick up and toss each other (into enemies), but the whole time, you’ll be too busy laughing and enjoying yourselves to care. With enough good company, this game never stops being fun and hectic, and you and your kid(s) will still be telling stories about that one time someone did something completely awesome. Also makes a great game to play with your spouse, since nobody loses.

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