Top Remote Control Cars for Kids (or Kids at Heart)

Go fast (at scale) with this list of remote control cars for kids!

3 Kids with Sunglasses on Playing with RC Cars photo

There are few toys more classic than remote control cars for kids. Coming in all shapes and sizes, from palm of your hand to big enough to hold a child; there are so many ways to play! Boy or girl, young or old, who doesn’t want to pick up an RC controller and turn your living room, sidewalk, or backyard into an instant racetrack? Well, with this list of crazy cool cars, any kid—or kid at heart—can get their motor running! So, if you’re ready to get racing, read on! It’s time to drain batteries, burn rubber, and check out our list of the top remote control cars for kids.

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Now then, get ready… get set… gooooooo!

Remote Control Cars for Kids - Stunt Car with box and parts photo

Double-Sided Stunt Car

We’ll start with this sturdy stunt car. With its vacuum tires which can flip and spin at your command, this car can tackle almost any terrain. Chargeable via USB, highly durable, and capable of pulling off cool stunts, even in the hands of younger kids, this is a solid RC car for any skill level.

Remote Control Cars for Kids - Pixie Cruiser with box photo

Pixie Cruiser

If you’re looking for remote control cars for kids that are sturdy, fast, and feminine, this Pixie Cruiser is ready to rip up the road and look good doing it. It has a top speed of five miles an hour and a forty-five-minute runtime. Perfect for rubber-burning, road-racing action. Sidewalk or asphalt, this is a solid and dependable RC car.

Ferrari 488 Pista Remote Control Cars for Kids image

Ferrari 488 Pista

Buildables never go out of style. First, this Ferrari is no matchbox car. Instead, its Lego-inspired design makes it intuitive to build. Further, this three-hundred-and-six-piece set will be a substantial project for any builder, young or old, to dig into. Finally, its cool red race car look is a timeless classic.

16-in-1 STEM RC Robot Kit with all 16 options shown image

16-in-1 STEM RC Robot Kit

 If you’re looking for a project with more customization, then look no further. First off, this set comes with sixteen different configurations. Race car, go-kart, or tank, it’s up to you and your little builder what form your vehicle takes. Not to mention, it’s fully Lego compatible, so, it’s easy to add more bricks later. As a result, this truly is an RC for the creative or hands-on type.

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Remote Control Cars for Kids - Monster Truck photo

Monster Truck

Building is all well and good, but sometimes kids—and even adults—want something simple and strong. That means, if you’re looking for rock crawling, collision enduring, shock-absorbing power, then you’re looking for a monster truck. First, this beast has four-wheel drive. Secondly, it can tackle slopes up to 45 degrees without issue. So, when you or your little one just wants to let loose, this truck will more than deliver.

Wall Climbing Remote Control Cars for Kids image

Wall Climbing

However, let’s say that 45 degrees aren’t enough. Maybe your kid is constantly bouncing off the walls or swinging from the chandelier. Certainly, that’s no problem for this wall climbing car. With its powerful vacuum, driving on the walls is easy as driving on the floor. In addition, this bad boy can even fully defy gravity by driving on the ceiling. In short, no more tripping over your child’s toys!

Metal RC Car with Omnidirectional Wheels and Gesture Remote image

Gesture Control Omnidirectional Jeep

Time to go beyond the home’s four walls. First, this drift-wheel RC Jeep, with its omnidirectional Mecanum wheels, is highly responsive on any terrain. Second, it has a top speed of 15 kilometers per hour and an aluminum alloy body that can stand up to the occasional wipeout. Finally, this jeep also has the option for gesture controls, letting adults live out their Power Glove fantasies. “I love it. It’s so bad.”

Remote Control Cars for Kids - Transforming Batmobile photo

Transforming Batmobile

On the other hand, perhaps, your kid is still a young’n, and you need to start simpler. Well, this transforming Batmobile by Fisher Price is perfect for any budding RC enthusiasts and/or crimefighters in the family. In addition to being an RC car, it also transforms, letting you shoot disks at baddies in order to bring them to justice. Batman always did have the most wonderful toys!

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Girlmazing Jeep Wrangler in Box photo

Girlmazing Jeep Wrangler

Pink and powerful, this Jeep Wrangler RC car won’t let anything stand in its way. The perfect blend of cute and cool, it knows how to shine. Best of all, it fits any Barbie-sized doll, for even more glamorous fun! In short, the Girlmazing RC packs an all-terrain experience into a delightfully bright package.

Amphibious Remote Control Car for Kids splashing in water image

Amphibious RC Car

Outside isn’t all dirt, rocks, and grass. If you want aquatic fun, RC cars can’t help you, so, you need to buy a RC boat… or do you? Blow boats away and dodge rubber duckies with this amphibious RC car. It’s fully capable of transitioning from ground to water and back again. In conclusion, it’s perfect for a pool party or a day at the beach.

Minnie Mouse Happy Helper's Van Remote Control Car box and contents photo

Minnie Mouse Happy Helper’s Van

Not all remote control cars for kids need to be all-out speed machines or rely on fancy gimmicks. Sometimes all you want is a mellow, fun, relaxing drive. Well, who’s a better companion for that than Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck? This super cute van comes with a wearable remote which is easy to operate and perfect for a sweet and sunshiny playtime.

Mandalorian - Razor Crest RC Car in box photo

Mandalorian – Razor Crest

However, maybe Minnie isn’t your speed. In that case, how about the Mandalorian? This miniature Razor Crest will let your little one explore a galaxy far, far away. So, whether you’re a long-time Star Wars fan or trying to introduce your youngling to the space opera epic, this RC will let you chase down any bounty.

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Mario Kart Luigi Racer Remote Control Car in box photo

Mario Kart Luigi Racer

When it comes to kart racing, no one beats the brothers! Well, now one of Mushroom kingdom’s finest can come race in the real world. This Luigi RC kart can still keep up with the best and will be a must-have for any gamer, young or old. This listing has loads of other options to choose from if the Bro in green isn’t your fave. Blue Shells and other power-ups not included.

Personalized Porsche RC Car photo

Personalized Luxury Car

Sometimes it’s nice to have something just for yourself. Well, this RC comes personalized, also making it a perfect gift. In addition, this comes in various models, from Audi and Bugatti to Porsche and Range Rover. Whether for a kids’ toy to make an impression on the RC fan in your life, you can’t go wrong with this truly unique RC car.

Remote Control Lamborghini Aventador SVJ with Doors Open photo

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Doesn’t everyone deserve a taste of luxury? Well, now your kiddo can cruise around in this kid-sized remote-control Lambo. It comes with a built-in MP4 player, soft leather seats, and a separate remote for parents to ensure they remain in complete control. The remote also has an emergency stop button, just in case your little speed demon tries to audition for the next Fast and Furious movie. Seriously, this car is the epitome of cool.