Topobo Construction Kit Toy

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Topobo Construction Toy

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Have your kids ever wished they could teach their toys? Perhaps they stared at their plush animals and dreamed their toys could learn how to walk, dance, or wave. Maybe they tried to replicate this idea with some of the more recent robotic toys, but these are usually restricted to automatically programmed content. If your kids really want a toy that will learn with them, Topobo can bring those ideas to life.

Topobo is a robotic construction kit that uses Kinetic memory. Kinetic memory records all physical motion that the pieces “feel,” which can be played back to create movement. For example, if your kids were to construct a basic quadruped robot, then bend each of its legs in forward motion, the robot would play those motions back simultaneously, and the creature they made would walk forward. This principle can be applied to any type of robot creation your nerdlings can dream up, giving Topobo nearly endless possibilities! Apart from the imagination your kids will be using to build whatever type of robot they desire, Topobo’s kinetic motion principles teach about physics, motion, and memory. Best of all, this is learned while building, creating, and having fun.

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