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Totoknits Goblin Sweater

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Pretending they’re not human is something all children love to do. Often times, we can hardly believe it ourselves. Something about their ability to screech, gulp down huge mounds of food, and their penchant for hiding in small, dark places sometimes makes a parent wonder if some magical being replaced their cooing child in the middle of the night with a chomping little goblin. But what a loveable goblin it is, with its adorable smile and showers of hugs and kisses! Shower your little creature back with this incredible hand-knit sweater from Toto Knits.

The Glasgow Goblin sweater will show the world your little one’s true nature while keeping them toasty-warm in the autumn and winter months. The organic cotton knit features whimsical details that make it a truly one-of-a-kind piece for your child’s wardrobe. From the fearsome goblin teeth and protruding eyes, to ridges that go all the way down the back, this is a sweater your loveable monster won’t want to take off!

Another plus: Toto Knits is a company that’s dedicated to ethical business practices. Their knitwear are made by Kenyan artisans with cotton that’s locally grown, spun, and dyed. This is clothing that not only looks good, but should make you feel good for buying!

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