What’s New At Toy Fair 2013


As we mentioned on Monday, Toy Fair 2013 is just around the corner, and we’re keeping an ear to the wind for any new Toy Fair news. Held at the Javits Center in New York from February 10 − 13, the 2013 Toy Fair will have over 1,000 manufacturers exhibiting over 100,000 new toys and games at the fair. Over 250 of those exhibitors will be there this year for the first time.

We’ve found a couple of new, cool toys that will be shown at this year’s fair. Check these out.


Desk Pets will bring its latest app-controlled toy vehicle to Toy Fair 2013 in New York this year, with micro-robotic BattleTank. The tank has two interactive modes which are fully controlled via a free app that lives on your iPhone or Android smartphone. You’ll be able to let the BattleTank roam freely, or race and battle in multi-player mode. Desk Pets plans to show the full lineup of palm-sized remote controlled toys, including CarBot, SkitterBot, TrekBot, and more at this year’s Toy Fair.

Source: The Paramus Post

Engenius 2

Blue Orange Games, known more for its family-friendly tabletop games, will show off its brand new line of wooden construction toys at the 2013 New York Toy Fair. Called “Engenius,” the new construction sets include the 28 piece Helicopter, the 40 piece Airplane and, the 29 piece Spaceship. The concept here is to encourage children from a young age to explore their engineering and intelligence abilities, developing motor and cognitive skills through creative play. Kids four and up can use these sets to create a bunch of models with each set, not just the main one on the box picture. There are no specific instructions, encouraging kids to make the models via playful experimentation, or even just create their own designs. Even better? The models are made with sustainable produced wood, so you can rest easy knowing your child’s toy isn’t contributing more to global deforestation.

Source: Herald Online

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