What To Expect From Toy Fair 2013


So, Toy Fair 2013 is just around the corner, and we’re looking around to see what’s planned for the popular conference, held at the Javits Center in New York from February 10 − 13. Over 1,000 manufacturers will exhibit over 100,000 new toys and games at the fair, each hoping to make it to the top of the list for kids and their parents in the coming year. Over 250 of those exhibitors will be there this year for the first time.

We looked around a bit to see what’s being talked about now, ahead of this annual event. Here’s some of what we found.


K’Nex, the construction toy company, will introduce their 2013 product line at the Toy Fair this year, including over 45 new additions to their current product lines for kids ages two to twelve, including new building sets, thrill rides, Lincoln Logs, Tinkertoy, NASCAR, Angry Birds and more. The US-based company will also debut three new product lines, including Nintendo Super Mario, Mario Kart and Pac-Man toys at their trade show booth this year.

Source: PR Web

Iron Man 3 Hasbro Action Figures

Hasbro is also stoking the fires of pre-Toy Fair excitement with some teaser images of their newest “assemblers” line of build-able action figures with the new Iron Man 3 Assemblers action figures, including Iron man in various armor flavors, including the traditional gold and red outfit, the Iron Patriot suit, the War Machine armor and an edgy black/champagne armor variant. Each figure has interchangeable armor, allowing 25 different combinations with each figure alone, not to mention the crazy amount of mix and match that all eventual 16 figures brings to the table. Hasbro plans to share more details at the actual Toy Fair in February.

Source: Action Figure Insider


We’re excited by all the nerdy kid stuff that’s bound to show up at the Toy Fair this year. We’ll be keeping our ears to the ground and our eyes peeled in the coming weeks to point you in the direction of any cool news before the conference starts in earnest.

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