Toy Weapons & Gadgets to Bring Out Your Kid’s Inner Secret Agent

Whether they’re into James Bond, Artemis Fowl, or just being sneaky, your kids will love our list of the best toy weapons and gadgets!

Young Girl with Freckles and Magnifying Glass

From MI6 to the CIA and even the Kids Next Door, there’s always been an air of certain coolness around spies and secret organizations.  Who wouldn’t want to go zipping around the world, solving secret codes, getting into car chases, fighting bad guys, and relaxing on the beach?  With the awesome assortment of toy guns, gear, and gadgets available today, even kiddos can get in on the sneaking, shooting, and surveillance.

So, if you’re looking to play Q for your little secret agent, read on. Nerdy With Children has put together all the intel you need. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read on and prepare for hours of fun.

Toy Gadgets & Gizmos

Hausbell Bionic Ear Listening Device photo

Bionic Ear Device

Let’s start with surveillance. What’s more spy-like than gathering intel from afar?  The Hausbell listening device will let your little one hear secret codes and drop-offs from hiding spots. No more excuses about them not hearing you call. Not only that, but it also comes with an 8x magnifying telescope and up to 12 seconds of audio recording.  If you’re less into spying and more into birdwatching, this bionic ear will also be a perfect fit.

Think Peak Toys Kids Binoculars photo

Kids Binoculars

If you just want the visuals without the audio, it’s hard to go wrong with a trusty set of binoculars. The Think Peak shock-resistant binoculars are great, even for kids as young as four. Whether they need to set up a stakeout or go exploring in the wilderness, the rubberized coating ensures these binoculars can take a beating. Not only that, but they come in an array of cool colors. (I think the Red and black are too cool to pass up.)

Kids Walkie Talkie Watch with Compass and Magnifying Glass image

Kids Walkie Talkie Watches

The communicator watch is a spy classic, and there’s not a kid—or kid at heart—alive who doesn’t love walkie-talkies. These walkie-watches let you and your little partner keep in touch and are light enough for younger kids to use easily.  Not only that, but it boasts several other cool functions, besides, you know, working as an actual watch.

Secret Agent Voice Changer Toy photo

Secret Voice Changer

If you need to pass along secret information, try this Spy X voice changer.  Perfect for private meetings in parking garages, giving ominous warnings that someone’s “digging too deep,” or just goofing around. It even has a sleep mode to save on batteries during secret spy missions. Or for the STEM fans out there, try this make-your-own voice changer kit!

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Spy Kit for Kid Detectives Box and Contents photo

Fingerprint Kit for Kid Detectives

This is the classic kit and caboodle. It comes with a slick outfit, including a hat, coat, and magnifying glass. However, it does more than let your little agent look cool; though looking cool is a must, it also comes with a booklet and the tools to do amateur fingerprinting. This is a great way to have fun and learn at the same time.

Spy X Night Ranger Kit Box and Contents photo

Night Mission Spy Set

If you’re looking to keep the fun going even after the sun sets, this spy kit will set you up right.  Featuring night-mission goggles, this will let your kids infiltrate under cover of dark. Not only that, but it also includes a motion detector and a micro voice disguiser that records and pitch shifts up to ten seconds of audio. This is perfect for the sneaky sleuth.

SANROCK Mini-Drone with Camera photo

Beginner Mini-Drone with Camera

Drones are all the rage, and they aren’t going anywhere.  One of the only obstacles is that they’re difficult to learn and pretty expensive. Well, this SANROCK solves both those issues. It has various flight modes, including allowing you to trace out a path using a companion app.  This drone will be a perfect eye in the sky for your tiny spy.

2-in-1 Remote Control Racer Kit image

Remote Control Racer Engineering Kit

Every spy needs to travel in style, so a cool car is a must. This snap-together race car by GAMZOO does that and more. It’s also customizable, so you and the little one can have fun building it together and sharpening those engineering skills. The perfect skill for getting out of a mad scientist’s deathtrap.

Spy X Laser Trip Wire Alarm Trap Toy Box photo

LED Trip Wire Alarm Trap

Okay, your agent has the coolest gadgets and the slickest gear, but how do you keep them safe? Well, there’s only one answer that every spy must choose: the infrared laser grid. This can keep diaries or personal belongings safe or make a perfect practice environment for those Mission Impossible capers.

Toy Weapons

Lazer Tag Gun and Drone Game photo

Lazer Tag Drone Game

Now, what about those sharpshooting skills? Every good spy needs to be a crack shot. This flying toy and laser gun combo will give great practice for moving targets. If your child is stuck indoors from the cold or from quarantine, this can make a great one-person game of laser tag. There’s also a two-player version available, and at a great price too!

4 Player Laser Tag Set with In-Depth Description of Laser Gun Features image

4 Team Laser Tag Set

If you want to get family and friends in on the laser action, this set of four guns by Kidzlane may be up your alley. With the ability to set different teams, you can play 3 on 1, 2v2, or even a free for all. Add in the multiple firing configurations, and these laser tag guns make for the ultimate firefight.

BroadDream Foam Blaster with Motorized Target Toy image

Motorized Target Blaster

As cool as lasers are, some prefer a more tactile experience. This foam shooter fills that niche. With two blasters and a moving target, the BroadDream blaster works for solitary practice and competition. The foam balls are safe for even young children, and a twenty-foot range gives lots of room for fun.

Nerf Fortnite 6-Cylinder Dart Blaster Box and Contents image

Nerf Fortnite 6-Cylinder Dart Blaster

Just like Bond has his iconic Walther PPK, your agent will need a striking and Iconic sidearm. When it comes to iconic, is there any name bigger than NERF? This Fortnite branded six short sports a striking silhouette and a cool camo paint job. Whenever an assignment goes wrong, this blaster will get your agent out of trouble.

Wooden Crossbow Toy with Rubber-tipped Arrows photo

Wooden Crossbow Toy

Of course, spies can’t always go high-tech. Sometimes security or necessity requires improvisation. For a low-tech but sleek solution that still gets the job done, try this miniature crossbow. It’s light, strong, and comes with soft rubber-tipped bolts. That said, keep in mind this crossbow is designed for outdoor use.

NERF N-Force Vendetta Double Sword Toy photo

Nerf Double Sword

Along the same low-tech line as the crossbow, this NERF double sword is just the kind of obscure weapon that a super secret agent would know how to use in a fight. Cool thing is the swords can be used together or apart. One thing to note: These have been discontinued by the manufacturer and won’t be around long, so grab ’em while they’re still in-stock!