Toys ‘R Us Spills the Beans on Xbox Release Date


Potentially denying Microsoft the opportunity to announce its own release date, Toys ‘R Us UK has stamped its Xbox preorder page with a ship-date of November 29th, two weeks ahead of the date on the site’s PS4 release date of December 13th.

Keep in mind that both companies aren’t commenting on the date given on Toys ‘R Us’s UK website, and that even if that date is correct, the North American dates may be different. Previous to this news, the only release info we had at all was that Xbox planned to release sometime in November, and Playstation was slated for “the holiday season.”

Next to the “Day One” edition of the Xbox on Amazon on its search results, it lists the release date of November 27th, but the main page for the product explains that the release date has not yet been announced. Hmm…

On both sites, the Day One edition is sold out. Amazon has the Standard Edition slated to ship on December 31st, 2013.

What we can tell with some certainty is that the Playstation 4 has significantly beaten Xbox One’s price. The Xbox will retail for $499.99, while the Playstation costs a hundred dollars less at $399.99.

Despite the enormous price gap, it’s really anyone’s guess as to which console will come out on top. Xbox overcoming its initial E3 stumblings with a policy reversal, going on to outsell PS4 on Amazon later last month.

If you’re a parent who’s still wondering which console will be best for your family, we’ve set up a few nice parents’ console buying guides for you; one on the Xbox One and another on the Playstation 4. Would it help your decision if I told you there are still four types of PS4 Launch Day bundles available on Amazon?

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