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Transforming Solar Robot Kit

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Are you old robots running low on Energon? Tired of replacing used batteries just to have your mechanical friends drain them unceremoniously before demanding more? Shed your reliance on such out-dated forms of energy by swapping out your current robotic toys with the Transforming Solar Robot Kit. Let the sun’s fusion-powered light energize this robot as it scurries about doing robot things and you’ll wish that all your kid’s toys were so self-reliant; until, of course, it uses its emancipation from human-created energy sources to launch the eventual overthrow of the human race. But that’s something for future generations to worry about.

A great project for your older kids, this kit includes everything you need to build your own solar-powered robot. Not just any robot, but one that can change into three different forms. There’s the human-trust-building humanoid form, but then your robot can satisfy its lust for wanton destruction by transforming into either a scorpion or a tank. Just make sure you stay on it’s good side.

This kit provides a great educational experience for you kids through both the building of the robot and through the exposure to its renewable energy source. You may even find yourself appreciating the idea of our future robot overlords being good stewards of the environment.


  1. Nick

    Best music to in a youtube video ever.

  2. Nick

    Best music in a youtube video, ever.

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