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Trash Pack: Trashies in Cans

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Like a flashback from the 80’s, the Trashies are a cross between the Garbage Pal Kids and M.U.S.C.L.E. wrestling figures. These little creatures have crawled out of the garbage and into your kid’s toy box. They even have cute names like, Putrid Pretzel, Sore Berry, and Awful Pie. Each creature has their own bio that you can read about over at the company’s website, I spent 10 minutes playing their little game of swatting flies.

The Trashpack line has a wide range of different products, from a garbage truck to a Dunk’n Dumpster”, you’ll be able to fill the whole playroom with these colorful bouncy figures. Every week you can play your own game of how many of the little nasties did the vacuum cleaner eat.

If the Trashies don’t ooze into your heart and warp you back to 1985, I don’t know what will. This is a nice way to start a collecting hobby with the young ones. Then in 20 years, your kid will be just as OCD about preserving cheap plastic toys as you are. Better give a call to mom and make sure she still has all those little plastic dinosaurs.

Here’s an awesome little flashback to the days of the Trashies for you:

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