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TRONtastic Punk 0100 vs GalactuSark

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One of the great things about our digitally connected world, is how it fosters a sort of post-modern cultural soup in which ideas and images are being constantly re-combined and re-imagined in ways that are both personally powerful to their creators, while remaining relevant and meaningful to the consumers at large. We live in a cultural environment where iconic imagery from multiple media can be combined into a slick, personal statement that remains pleasing to the viewer at large. Call it a visual mash-up, if you will.

This brings us to the aptly, tongue-twistingly titled “TRONtastic Punk 0100 vs GalactuSark” print, by Boot to the Head Studios. The pic follows the trend of fan-made alternative movie posters, but twists the concept by not only creating an homage to the original Tron film, but including imagery from the Fantastic Four and legendary electronic music act/Tron Legacy composers, Daft Punk. The super-nerdy mash-up features an imposing visage of Galactus dressed as OG Tron villain, Sark, with the Four clad in Tron-esque attire (while Reed and Johnny wearing the Guy and Thomas helmets). This unified media assault spanning comics, film and music is a must-have for any Tron junkie’s walls.

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