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Tumbling Bunnies Removable WallPaper

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Remember Qbert? That little guy was so full of spunk, so full of determination! He may have only been a sphere with legs, eyes, and a tube mouth/nose but he worked hard to recolor those cubes! At first glance, Qbert doesn’t seem like he would be an inspiration for room décor, but his missions did always revolve around changing color schemes.

Here’s a bright and cheery bunny wallpaper that reminded us of Qbert’s world. Cube after pink and orange cube repeat in an isometric projection that’s both mathematically sound and completely adorable. Tumbling Bunnies is completely removable and reusable, so it won’t be a problem if you’re a noob at applying wallpaper. Just peel it off, and try again! This also means that when your child is tired of having a wall of bunnies in a Qbert world, they can peel it off and stick on a shelf, use it as a book cover, or decorate their binder with it. The possibilities are endless!

Each roll is 26” wide and 94” in length and comes in 2 sizes, the half kit and the full kit.

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