Tunes That Bind: Take Your Kids To A Summer Concert

For older rock show attendees who’ve based their lives around which bands are playing where and when, the idea of seeing a live show at a venue/bar/wherever has probably become an emotionally numbing experience at this point (save for when Morrissey or Rammstein come to town, then it’s like Christmas morning); an event that doesn’t render the same response that perhaps it once did. But for children, the experience of seeing a concert for the first time is a memorable moment in their little universe and one that sticks in the ol’ memory like super glue for a very long time.

As it’s probably become a solace of fortitude for those who seek comfort in music, live shows are great ways to connect with your children. Not only do you introduce them to a new lifestyle, but you also set them up for a tour down the eventual path of rebellion. Which, if planned correctly, won’t be as difficult to deal with as you might think, since you’re actually in support of pretty much everything they like. This defeats the whole purpose of them screaming at you for not letting them listen to Marilyn Manson or wearing black every day. If you support this, there’s really no reason to rebel, unless they’re rebelling against your support of what they like, which would actually be more cute and adorable than anything else. But anyway, I remember attending a Misfits show in Seattle a few years back (and no, Danzig wasn’t present, obviously), and there was a little kid in the audience who couldn’t have been more than eight-years-old, jumping off the stage several times and crowd-surfing. He actually got up close enough to high-five Jerry Only’s sweaty hand on more than a few occasions. Meanwhile, the kid’s father, covered in tattoos and piercings, looked on admirably; as proud as a parent whose child made the baseball team. I could only imagine that when this kid gets older, he won’t be yelled at for wearing corpse paint. It’s a bonding experience that connects you with your kids and shows them how fricken’ cool you really are.

This summer, skip the beach, water parks, and amusement rides. Instead, bring them to a show or festival that’s happening around your neck of the area. Douse them in SPF 110 and buy them a pair of awesome kiddie shades. If you can stand it, maybe The Vans Warped Tour might be a good idea—or not—it just depends on whether you can handle a whole lot of 15-year-old scenesters in 90-100 degree temps. I did, and I almost cried, but that doesn’t mean it will be the same for you. Below, I will list some shows around the country that are family friendly. So enjoy! And oh, by the way, feel free to go to water parks and such. That was some bad advice, because those are REALLY fun places to go to.

Say what you will about Green Day, this video is pure 100% awesome.



  1. P Horton

    What a great idea…sharing the gift of music and creating some unforgettable memories. You’re never to young to rock on!

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