Turn it Up to 11 with These Heavy Metal Rock T-Shirts for Kids

Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band rocked face at the Ottawa Explosion Weekend

Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band rocked face at the Ottawa Explosion Weekend. Photo by Jessica Gilmore

I was at an outdoor show on Saturday afternoon and there were three kids in front of me just absolutely rocking out in a way that no one but kids could. I left my 1-year-old at home expecting a different sort of vibe, but these parents knew exactly what they were doing. These kids had ear protection and everything. The only thing missing at this kid-friendly rock concert: band merch for kids.

We’ve all been there. Your heart’s still pumping from having fallen in love with your new favorite band, so the first thing you do when they’re done mopping their awesome up off the stage is head for the merch table. You gotta tell the world how great they are, right? Of course, littles are gonna feel the same way.

You know from experience that one of the best ways to show your love for a band is to wear that rock shirt for as long as possible. The grungier, older, and more worn the better. How many holes does your Slayer shirt have? Pfft, mine has 3. I’m hardcore.

Littles can rep their fave music too – it just takes a little more planning (and maybe a PayPal account). Get them started on an epic journey through hard rock history and snag them a few great shirts they’ll be able to pass on to their littles one day like a rock nostalgia torch of awesomeness.

Welcome to the Jungle

We’re pretty sure if you’re a parent, you’ve got fun and games. Face it, this Guns n’ Roses classic is your family’s hard rock anthem, especially when an errant LEGO brick brings you to your nanananana knees, knees. Such a great track with (kind of) kid friendly language is a great place for kids to start their rock journey, don’t you think?

Snag this great Welcome to the Jungle kids’ tee from Nerdy with Children – it has added 80’s awesomeness sprinkled in thanks to the Predator mashup.

Welcome to the Jungle Adult Front


C3-POoooooh yeah!

Not a band shirt, but you can’t really get more metal than a droid. I’m pretty sure this is exactly what C3-PO did with his life after Episode IV.

c3po rock

Slayer Tee

Let’s face it, we’re not our young selves anymore – but that doesn’t mean it’s over for us. We can still rock, even if all that’s available these days is a pink kids’ guitar and drumset.

If your kids are gonna rock at all, they’ll need to know about the pioneers of thrash metal. Of course, once they start down that path, they’ll become obsessed. Start them off with this Slayer tee:

slayer tee

And watch them become the little metalheads you’ve always dreamed they would be.

slayer chalk

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath remains a legend. If my daughter ends up being into Sabbath, she’ll make her grandfather extremely proud. Some say they’re the original heavy metal band, but there’s no need to raise that debate right now. Whatever you call it, it’s awesome. I’ve never seen my music-loving father rock out so hard, and naturally I grew up loving it. I wish I had a little mini Sabbath tee to pass down from generation to generation just like our family’s love of rock – this Children of the Grave one is too amazing.

black sabbath

Of course, there’s a lot of stuff Ozzy did that you may not want your kids modeling their lives after, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be introduced to legendary music. Here’s a good way to start:

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