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Tushes & Tails (Nature Lift-the-Flap Books)

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As a parent, you have to swallow a lot of your own pretense, and one of the first obstacles to overcome may very well be admitting that butts are kind of funny. Not funny ha-ha to us (maybe), but they are absolutely hilarious to kids. Just saying, the word is likely to crack up any five-year old.


So naturally, a book that has a lot of animal butts is going to be hours of laugh-out-loud fun for your kid, but you still can’t get past the fact that this premise seems an awful lot like the movie Ass as depicted within the real-world movie Idiocracy. Obviously, you’re not trying to raise a kid who only thinks water comes from the toilet, or tries to grow crops with Gatorade – so what’s the deal?

This is more than just an animal butt book – it’s also a matching game, one which reinforces your child’s curiosity about the natural world. Your kid is shown a picture of an animal’s hindquarters, and guesses what animal is depicted. The little naturalist has a good laugh, and learns something about identifying animals at-a-glance along the way.

This18-page hardcover book features pictures of animals partially concealed by a flap. Your child guesses what the animal is based on a glimpse of the animal’s tail…”area”… and the raises the flap for confirmation. The book reinforces identification and matching skills, which are especially useful if you don’t want your kid bringing home a pungent black-and-white striped “kitty.”

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