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Two Headed Baby Cool Floppy Doll

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If anyone is aware of The Dresden Doll’s lead singer, Amanda Palmer, or even aware of the Punk Rock cabaret that IS The Dresden Dolls, you know that within the past few years her side project, Evelyn Evelyn, is based on siamese twin sisters who sing covers of Joy Division songs as well as original compositions on ukulele, guitar, piano, and accordion. Here! Take a look at one of their videos: siamese sisters are, without a doubt, quite the talented duo. Kinda like this Baby Cool Floppy Doll. Unlike the above-mentioned twins, these red-haired, two-headed girls come with a Steam Punk Edge and attitude as well. These ain’t your old school Cabbage Patch kids! It’s exactly the kind of doll that every girl (and possibly guy?) wanted when they were growing up. Now you can give it to your little lover of Steam Punk Couture and culture that in no time will become an appropriate substitute for the once beloved teddy bear or blankie that used to help them sleep through the nightEvery Steam Punked floppy doll is 100% hand-painted, 100% handcrafted, green-eyed, adorned in metal, and completely unique. This is an unbelievably cool toy to give to every little girl with a ton of ‘tude, who doesn’t take a whole lotta BS, and will steal your car for joy rides when she gets older. Hooray.

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