Twoolies Lion by Jonathan Adler

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Twoolies Handmade Lion

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You know that singing lion with no courage? The one who bumbled around with a dimwitted, uncoordinated scarecrow, a heartless tin man, and that one chick in the blue dress? This guy is his rock star, devil-may-care cousin who makes the other members of the pride just a little bit nervous.

Even in Technicolor, the cowardly lion pales in comparison to this king of the jungle. Jonathan Adler has long been a pro at furnishing quirky homes with stylish, colorfully crafted textiles, dinnerware, and furniture. Now he has turned his attention to the younger members of your household, creating a zoo of animals that fit in perfectly with the rest of his out-of-the-box aesthetic. Adler has enlisted the help of architect Sindy Posso, Mayan artists, and Tzotzil weavers to create each one of a kind Twoolies Lion.

Inspired by ancestral native designs, each Twoolies lion is 100% wool and hand crafted in manual looms. They are made using differing patterns and colors, so no two are alike. He is only nine inches tall, but this cool cat has more than enough spunk to hold his own amongst the other members of the stuffed menagerie your little lion tamer may have at home.

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