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To say that this is the mother of all music-related toys for tots is a vast and borderline obscene understatement. This is perhaps THE greatest toy-but-not-really-a-toy toy that kids who love music can own. Before, it was all about the cute little novelty drums and guitars that end up falling apart after the first few months, or the battery-operated instruments with a million sound effects and lights that pour and laser beam out of every crack, creating an illustrious illusion of fame and stardom. NOW (and please, brace yourselves for a second), the one toy that’s putting all traditional music gifts for young’uns to shame is a gift that allows young tweens and almost-tween-teens to create their own music.

From those fabulous inventors over at Mattel comes the Ucreate Music digital music-making system. Kids can become their own producers by mixing away on this one-of-a-kind digital mixer, creating extensive collections of original songs to add to their musical catalog and perhaps becoming the next Butch Vig of their generation: making music in a really cool band while also producing one of the greatest albums of all time. Nah, not hard at all. This is an awesome gift for every music fanatic under 12; one that makes us elder, 12+ music weirdos a bit jealous that we didn’t have stuff like this back in the stone age. The Pull-A-Tune Xylophone from Fisher Price just doesn’t seem as cool anymore. Ho-hum.

If you’re an extra tech/music savvy parent, there’s a bunch of videos on how to hack your UCreate… but you didn’t hear that from us.

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