Ugg-Tect Will Challenge Your Kids and Let You Club Them In The Head


Do your kids enjoy hitting each other, speaking in nonsensical words,  and building random structures? If the answer is yes, then you’ll want to keep reading this review about the game, Ugg-Tect. Ugg-Tect is a team based game that plays  four to eight players with each team headed up by a tribal leader. You heard me correctly, “tribal leader”. Your team is essentially a tribe of primitive cavemen. That’s right, you and your offspring get to work together like it’s 300,000 B.C by constructing simple creations out of wooden objects and a double-sided card. Sound easy? Nope, you only get to communicate through certain primitive words and gestures. No pointing or speaking english, but you do get to whack your kids with an inflatable club if they get it wrong.


Wooden blocks, inflatable clubs, grunting and making weird gestures that’s what Ugg-Tect is all about. First, you divide into two teams of at least two people each. As I mentioned before, one of you becomes the leader. Don’t worry, you can switch the leader every round. I highly suggest three person teams if you can scrounge up six players.

The leader draws a card that has a design with a “foundation” card and five different colored wooden objects arranged on it. Your job as the leader is to have your teammates build the structure by using only six words such as; Ugungu, Akunga and Manungu, along with six different gestures. The only exception is bonking your compadres with the inflatable club when they do something correct or incorrect. It’s a tough game. If you look at the image above you’ll notice there are no words or gestures for moving things slightly to the left or right. Trust me, you’ll be learning what patience really means.


Here’s an idea of how things play out. First, you want the player with the red triangle to pick it up and place it facing you on the front of the board. Keep in mind there may not be a board, so just assume I mean play area. To start, you would say, “Ugungu”, while raising your hands in the air. This signifies the player with the red triangle to pick it up. Then you would say,  “Akunga” followed by, “Manungu”. That player would then place the red triangle and then move it to what they think is the front of the board.

Of course, they can’t read your mind, so hopefully what you consider to be the front is the same as what they think it is. If correct, you’ll hit them with the club once. If not, you’ll be bopping them twice. Sometimes frustration gets so high you’ll just want to turn cannibal and eat your fellow teammates. Please keep in mind that they are probably your children.

The game demands teamwork, and with that in mind I wouldn’t try it with children under eight years old. The inflatable clubs have spikes, so you’ll definitely want to supervise and play this game with your kids. No one wants to have to wear an eye patch and pretend they are a caveman pirate. Overall, some people will love it and others will hate it. We played with eight people in two teams of four. One gentleman quit right away and practically begged for someone to take his spot. Let’s just say he was not very good at it. Another person on our team loved it and wanted to keep playing.

Personally, I think it is a fantastic game for kids and highly educational. I would play it again with my children, but it wasn’t my cup of tea. I much preferred Dungeon Fighter and Adventurers, but that doesn’t mean that Ugg-Tect is bad. I wouldn’t waste my time or yours reviewing a bad game. If you like logic puzzles, working as a team and a truly unique replayable experience, then I would definitely give Ugg-Tect a shot. You can purchase the game via Amazon.

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