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Ugh! Card Game

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Your family game night can always use more card games! They’re compact, cheap, and they have tons of replay value. This one from Calliope Games features stone-age-themed illustrations of cavemen, dinosaurs, and prehistoric dwellings by gamer favorite John Kovalic. You can now share with your children the same style of awesome drawings you come to know and love from Munchkin, Chez Geek, and Dork Tower.

It’s a simple game to learn with only five different kinds of cards. There are the cave people, the animals, the houses, the wild cards and of course, Ugh! The point of the game is to make as many sets as possible — with sets being one person, one animal, and one house. Each card has point values so you can keep the cards you draw, or keep trying your luck by drawing up to three cards. Watch out, though! If you get an Ugh! your turn is over and you get no cards for that turn.
The card categories are easily differentiated through their colors, and the illustrations are cute and kid-friendly. Kids seem to love being able to put together different combinations of people and animals, so there’s a small RPG aspect to it.

Ugh’s quick play time (about 20 minutes) makes it a great game to squeeze into hectic schedules. Or it can be just one of many games you play during game night! Who knew a fun night with your kids could involve so many disappointed yells of “UGH!”

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