5 Un-convention-al Action Figures from San Diego Comic Con


The usual suspects arrived right on time at the San Diego Comic Con this year. All of your old favorites made it to the floor: DC, Marvel, Square Enix, Star Wars and even a few Hobbits, even though Peter Jackson skipped the event this year.

But among the realistic figures in heroic poses, there were a few odd-action figures that I can’t help but smile at. Tongue-in-cheek or just cool and weird, here are five SDCC 2013 exclusive figures that broke the mold.

1. Sheldon as Batman Fanboy at the Con


We’re not sure if we would want to go to the Con with Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory, but then again, it might be quite the spectacle to see him all dressed up in his Star Trek uniform geeking out about Batman stuff.

If you’re tired of hearing your kids play army with your old G.I. Joes, toss a Sheldon in Vintage Batman Shirt figure into the mix so they can pretend they’re at the Con with Dr. Cooper instead.

2. Aardman’s Superman


As part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation, Aardman, the artist behind the classic Wallace and Grommet series (and a bunch of other off-center awesomeness like Chicken Run and Pirates!) has created a bunch of hilarious claymation shorts that imagines DC heroes and villains as kids.

There are already a few figures out based on the shorts, but this one has cookies! How refreshing to see Superman as a chubby kid stuffing cookies into his gob.

3. Super Best Friends Forever 3-pack of Donna Troy, Batgirl and Supergirl


In the style of The PowerPuff Girls, these three lady heroes provide “equal opportunity ass-kicking” on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation. Your family may find their un-Barbie-style figures to be a refreshing change from the typical busty Con fare.

4. NECA’s 25 Simpsons Guest Stars


The National Entertainment Collectables Association came to the Con toting the first quintet from their line of guest star figures from The Simpsons. Tom Hanks made me giggle. Kid Rock and James Brown cover the music side, and Hugh Heffner … well, we all know what Hugh is all about.

5. Black-and-White Jay and Silent Bob

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive Black and White Jay & Silent Bob Clerks Minimates Action Figures

I really wish I hadn’t seen all of the Jay and Silent Bob crap that’s been released since Clerks – not that I won’t continue to obediently throw money at anything Kevin Smith does.

Regardless of how the characters have been treated since, it’s nice to see the original Jay and Silent Bob hanging out at the Con in the form of these quirky black-and-white Jay and Silent Bob figures from Diamond Select. The fact that they are black-and-white, like the original Clerks, is sufficiently awesome. If only they could break into badass hip-hop moves or start jamming to Berzerker.

Well, you can’t have everything.

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