“Superman Adventures”: A Quality Read for All-Ages

I am tentatively excited about the next Superman film, The Man of Steel, which is set for release on June 14. As much as I love Superman, his live-action films haven’t always been the best and often the lack the enchantment of the comics. Colorful villains are eschewed for the same plots on repeat and […]

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5 Garbage Pail Kids We Wish Were Real

When I was in elementary school, Wacky Packages (Wacky Packs to us kids, pictured above) were all the rage. A colorful jab at the popular products of the day, Wacky Packs wound up stuck all over my folders, musical instruments and furniture. Often they were gross, sometimes vulgar, always funny. The modern-day equivalent are the […]

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Guitar Hero Johnny Napalm: Punk for Your Punk

Do you remember what it was like growing up listening to rock music? If you’re older than 30, you remember what it was like when people played their own instruments. Hearing those awesome riffs and shredding away on our totally real and not-at-all-fake air guitar? I remember. Sure, some of you may have grown older […]

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Have You Ever Been To Pancake Mountain?

Have you ever been to Pancake Mountain? Didn’t think so — but you need to go soon. And you need to take your kids with you. Pancake Mountain is the coolest kid’s show you’ve never seen. Part surrealistic satire, part indie music showcase (and all fun), Pancake Mountain goes where most kids shows fear to […]


“Wits & Wagers”: Not Knowing Just Might Win You the Game

The hardest part about playing a trivia board game with your kids is the sad fact that children aren’t very good at them. It’s not their fault. They haven’t had the years of life experience necessary to build a repertoire of useless facts. This can lead to some very frustrated children during your weekly game […]

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Make Your Kid A Rock Drumming God

So you want your kid to be a rock-and-roll drummer. First question one might ask is, “What the hell is wrong with you?” The next seven questions should resemble that one, with slight variations in the expletive employed. Sooner or later, your interrogators will lose interest and you will be free to pursue the question […]

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3 Worthy Kids Comics from Free Comic Book Day

As a comics fan, Free Comic Book Day was a blast for me. It was great seeing lots of young readers and their families heading out to the shops and checking out a new batch. Unfortunately, from the titles I read, the free comics for all ages readers weren’t quite up to their normal standard. […]

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3 Fun & Messy Ways To Encourage Kids to Learn

It’s no secret: Children learn faster and retain more when they’re having fun. Though most public educational institutions are dry and stale in their approach to conveying concepts to children, kids somehow find a way to overcome the standardized testing and boring teachers. At home, it doesn’t have to be that way. Parents – the […]

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Making a Garden Fort: Good For the Kids & The Yard

Kids love secret places, hidden places to call their own. Inside the house, blankets, pillows, and a few chairs for anchor disappear into a corner of the room, along with your child and a few favorite friends (real or imaginary). When the weather brightens a bit, and it is time to move the operation outside, […]

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3 Easy D.I.Y. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Warning. Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12. If you’re the partner of a mom, you have just a few days left to get your act together. Children will want to get gifts for their mommies, and we know none of you want to give any more boxes of candy “from your kids” to your partners. […]

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