Uncle Chestnuts Table Gype Game

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Uncle Chestnut’s Table Gype

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Obscure references to the work of 19th century British authors? Fast, chaotic gameplay? Game pieces that feature “mysterious and significant shapes”? It’s like Uncle Chestnut’s Table Gype was made for my family.

Based on vague references to the unpublished rules of a game called Gype, which was developed by the estimable G.K. Chesterton and H.G. Wells, Table Gype is part chess, part Chinese Checkers, and part game of chance. Designed for two to four players, the point of Table Gype is to move all of your pieces across a grid from your home row to the home row directly opposite. Pieces move in patterns similar to chess (diagonal, straight ahead, knight jumps, etc.) but can be “jumped” by your own or opponents’ pieces. When a piece is jumped, it randomly changes into another type of piece with its own movement style. This rapidly shifting gameplay emphasizes short-term tactics, but makes long-term strategy difficult or even impossible.

The fast and chaotic game play is ideal for family game night, and is appropriate for kids old enough to understand the basic rules of chess. Table Gype comes with 32 hand-made wooden playing pieces, a machine washable cloth board, and a carrying bag.

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