Uncle Goose Braille Math Blocks: For All Children


Being a blind or visually impaired child can be tough, tougher than any of us fortunate enough to be sighted can imagine. But kids are amazingly resilient, and surprise us in so many ways, especially when faced with adversity. Parents of blind kids have a special duty to prepare their children without coddling them, to make them aware of their unique circumstance without instilling fear or anxiety. That is also more difficult than any of us with sighted children could ever imagine.

Thankfully, companies like Uncle Goose work at creating products that make the task a little easier. Like these Braille math blocks. The Braille Math Blocks Set contains 16 wooden blocks, each painted with various numbers and mathematical symbols on them. Included on each block is the appropriate Braille cell, helping your child not only learn Braille but basic math skills. For sighted kids, these blocks make a wonderful learning toy, a kind of put-yourself-in-their-shoes exercise that reinforce a compassionate attitude.

Each of the blocks can be rearranged to create a wide variety of math problems, from addition, to multiplication, and more. One of the sides of each block contains the number recessed into the block, allowing for additional tactile information about each number. Not to mention that these are also blocks in the traditional sense, too. When not teaching math, they can be used to build all manner of structures. Further, the blocks in this set are large, measuring 16.175” cubes, so there’s no danger of accidental ingestion.

The blocks are safe for children ages 2 and older, and are available through Uncle Goose.


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