Uncle Milton Wild Walls Shark Encounter Review


As a child my room was decorated in a nautical theme, complete with sky blue walls, old fishing nets and fake sealife. See, I wanted to be an Ichthyologist. That’s a person who studies fish, specifically I wanted to specialize in sharks. I diverted away from that path once I started college. Another story for another time, but looking back I absolutely loved my bedroom. Having just moved to a new city with a second bedroom, my wife and I needed to come up with a theme for it. We already have one restroom decked out in a cool dinosaur theme. So, we decided on sea monster decor for the new one. As luck would have it, educational toy maker, Uncle Milton, offered to send us their newest invention, Wild Walls – Shark Encounter. Perfect timing! I greedily made sure it was sent directly to me.

What exactly is Wild Walls? Not simply stickers you place on the wall, but rather a device that illuminates the decals and plays rad animal noises. Think of it as a nightlight that produces environmental sounds. The kit comes will the sticky decals to place on a smooth wall along with a little box that produces the sound and light. Pro tip: We have textured walls and just like the instructions read, you should only place the stickers on smooth ones. We can verify this, some of our stickers are already peeling, but I’m positive this is due to the rough surface. Regardless, the nightlight part is worth the price of admission.


The decals look great, and can be arranged however you and your child see fit. I would have died with excitement had these been around when I was a kid. I clearly remember my Jaws 4 poster on the wall, but this would have overshadowed that easily. Anyhow, the light and sounds stay on for about ten minutes depending on which mode you choose. We dig ours and I’m sure any kid would love it as well. Just remember, only use it on smooth surfaces. You can purchase the Wild Walls Shark Encounter at Amazon. Uncle Milton also makes Wild Walls for Spiderman, Ironman, dinosaur expedition, safari adventure and dolphin voyage.

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