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Uncle Wiggily Boardgame

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Just because you failed at getting the kids into great games like Connect Four or Monopoly doesn’t mean you have to resort to switching on that TV for an afternoon of zombifying video games. Why not step back in time and introduce the kids to Uncle Wiggily?

A board game older than most of our grandparents (it’s from 1923, for goodness sake), Uncle Wiggily suits up rabbit gentleman (don’t tune out—it’s really quite fun!) and sees who can be the first to get Uncle Wiggily to Dr. Possum’s house. Putting all vintage pretentiousness aside, this is actually a really great game for kids—it’s fast-paced, involves developing reading skills (or matching numbers and symbols for the wee ones), and includes cutesy little cards that rhyme and tell where to move U.Wig.

The game comes with a game board, 4 Uncle Wiggily tokens, plus 48 game cards. It’s recommended for ages 4 – 8, but little ones can play with the help of us older folk, too. If your nerdy one really gets into the spirit of the Wiggily (how could they not—we’ll say it again, a rabbit dressed up like old-timey gentlemen!), check out the books by Howard R. Garis—he’s the genius behind this society of gentlemanly rabbits.

Fun video with Uncle Wiggily story:

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